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Iveco is part of the Fiat Group headquartered in Turin, Italy with global assembly operations. In 2001, Iveco staffed an office at the Fiat Automotive plant in Sete Lagoas, Brasil. In 2004, Iveco started assembling trucks in Sete Lagoas. The Purchasing Department was aware of the need to nationalize large part assemblies due to high import duties, transportation costs and complex production logistics. A local molder had introduced them to a new material/process technology named Metton® liquid molding resin which provided a tough & durable plastic material with excellent paint adhesion and surface quality. Iveco Engineering wanted to wait for the next vehicle re-design to consider local material/process options. Iveco’s premier truck, Stralis, started the re-design process in the 2008 timeframe. The molder and Metton America worked with Iveco Engineering to optimize the part designs. In March 2009, a Metton LMR option had been specified for the bumper and grille.

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Bomag Trench Compactor


Trench compactor type BMP 8500

The 8500 is a new design with a Metton hood replacing the metal hood used on the former type of trench roller.

The BMP 8500 is a multi-purpose compactor and needs to perform under different and heavy conditions. The full Metton hood with high impact resistance makes the machine robust, even under extreme conditions. It protects the base components under the hood and offers excellent protection against vandalism. The trench compacter is user friendly, as the hood perfectly fits to the metal structure resulting in a well closed engine compartment with minimum noise levels. A remote control compartment is integrated in the hood. Practical conditions are a.o. abuse by big pieces of stone/boulders and roll over of the machine, these do not affect the machine performance.

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The AMS (Automotive Manufacturing Solutions) website published the article "Metton lightweighting in the hood" in September, 2007.

"Vehicle makers are continually looking at ways to reduce the weight of their products, thereby decreasing costs but, at the same time, improving efficiency for consumers. Heavy duty rigs dressed in Metton are becoming the lightweight champions of the world."

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METTON Mechanical Properties


METTON'S process and material capabilities result in a new design freedom for replacing traditional materials such as metal, wood and fiberglass.

Advantages of METTON


The low viscosity (300 centipoise) of the METTON liquid components allows the molding of very large parts with surface areas up to 120 ft²(13 m²) or several hundred pounds/kilograms.

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app mod ani

Visit our photo gallery to see METTON parts in applications such as Heavy Trucks, Agricultural and Heavey Equipment and Industrial Products.

Metton Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Metton Europe: Düsseldorf, Germany
Sojitz: Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Russia


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