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METTON LMR (Liquid Molding Resin) is a tough and durable engineering plastic material used to produce large or thick molded parts for many diversified applications.

METTON provides part design freedom with integrated functionality and part consolidation opportunities similar to injection molding for replacement of traditional materials such as wood and metal. Low internal mold pressures (15 to 30 psi.) allow part sizes up to 120 ft² (9 m²) in closed molds such as machined aluminum, nickel shell or cast aluminum. Adhesion to paint and structural adhesives is excellent. METTON is supplied in closed containers in various sizes from 55 gallon (200 liter) to 5000 gallon (19,000 liter) ISO containers to bulk on-site storage.

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METTON Mechanical Properties


METTON'S process and material capabilities result in a new design freedom for replacing traditional materials such as metal, wood and fiberglass.

Advantages of METTON


The low viscosity (300 centipoise) of the METTON liquid components allows the molding of very large parts with surface areas up to 120 ft²(13 m²) or several hundred pounds/kilograms.

View METTON Applications

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Visit our photo gallery to see METTON parts in applications such as Heavy Trucks, Agricultural and Heavey Equipment and Industrial Products.

Metton Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Metton Europe: Düsseldorf, Germany
Sojitz: Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Russia


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