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Job Description


  1. Primary responsibility: Customer Service / Technical Service which includes:
    1. Review customer designs for feasibility with our plastic process.
    2. Support customer design efforts by performing Finite Element Analyses to insure products made with our plastic material meet performance requirements by OEMs.
    3. Starting up new molders to use our product by training them in proper molding methods, troubleshooting procedures, material handling, and proper equipment for manufacturing.
    4. Visiting current customers to troubleshoot ongoing problems with material usage in their facilities.
    5. Schedule regular, proactive visits with all customers to maintain relationships, gain insight to their needs and inspect their current molding conditions for possible improvements.
  2. Processing expert with our product
  3. Mold design expert for our product
  4. Developing and establishing an application lab for molding products
  5. Preparing for and attending the trade shows as an exhibitor
  6. Maintain Technical Documents and distribute to proper contacts at our customers.
  7. Maintain a general knowledge of material production and formulation
  8. Basic understanding of metathesis chemistry and how the raw components we use in our material formulations affect our product. This knowledge should allow the technician to directly identify new solutions that will improve molding performance and consistency of our product for our customers on a production level.
  9. Internally support R&D projects
  10. Internally support the Quality Control department by:
    1. Assisting experiments as needed
    2. Identifying internal manufacturing flaws and providing solutions
    3. Identifying manufacturing and quality procedure improvements that will directly enhance performance of the product for our customers in their facilities


  1. BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. Experience in Reaction Injection Molding technology and other Plastics processes are a plus.
  2. Experience with CAD and FEA software are a major plus.
  3. Extensive domestic and foreign travel. Sometimes 50% may be necessary.
  4. Applicant must be outgoing and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills since they will represent our company to our customers in person.
  5. Must show a high amount of self-motivation and initiative to resolve customer issues and implement internal improvements with minimal supervision. A “hands-on” person that is not reluctant to troubleshoot equipment or conduct chemical testing.
  6. Computer skills should include basic usage of MS Office suite software.


Send resumes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for consideration for this position.

METTON Mechanical Properties


METTON'S process and material capabilities result in a new design freedom for replacing traditional materials such as metal, wood and fiberglass.

Advantages of METTON


The low viscosity (300 centipoise) of the METTON liquid components allows the molding of very large parts with surface areas up to 120 ft²(13 m²) or several hundred pounds/kilograms.

View METTON Applications

app mod ani

Visit our photo gallery to see METTON parts in applications such as Heavy Trucks, Agricultural and Heavey Equipment and Industrial Products.

Metton Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Metton Europe: Düsseldorf, Germany
Sojitz: Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Russia


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