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Metton LMR is a family of lightly cross-linked olefinic thermoset polymers based on polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) with mechanical property performance attributes similar to engineering thermoplastics. In the Metton LMR molding process, two low viscosity DCPD liquid streams - one containing an activator (A Component) and the other a catalyst (B Component) - are impingement mixed at a 1:1 ratio and injected at near room temperature into a closed mold. The resulting exothermic reaction (heat generating) creates a fully polymerized part in less than 60 seconds. Button to button cycle times are generally 4 to 6 minutes depending upon size and geometry.

The low viscosity (300 centipoise) of the Metton LMR liquid components allows the molding of very large parts with surface areas up to 120 ft² (13 m²) or several hundred pounds/kilograms. The low mold cavity pressure of 15 to 45 psig (1 to 3 bar) translates to low pressure requirements for the molds so production molds are typically machined aluminum, nickel shell or cast aluminum. Prototype parts can be molded in epoxy/polyester, molds. In addition, Metton LMR can be molded in thickness up to 12 inches (30 cm) as well as provide thick to thin transitions within the molded part to place thicker material where needed.

Standard RIM Injection Machines:

  • Lance or Pump Type
  • One-to-One Mix Ratio
  • Machine Flow Rate Dictated by Largest Part Size

Molds and Clamps:

  • Designed to 50 psi. (3.4 bars) Pressure Rating
  • Up to 5 Molds Can Be Used in Production with One RIM Machine

Processing Capabilities:

  • Very Large Parts with Variable Wall Thickness up to 12 in.(30 cm)
  • Injection Time: 10 seconds (up to 15 or 20 seconds for thick parts)
  • Part Fully Cured in 60 Seconds
  • Typical Cycle Time is 4 to 6 Minutes
  • Mold Release Not Normally Used
  • No Post Cure

Reaction Injection Molding

PPD Lance Injection Unit (Standard PUR Machines)

Reaction Injection Molding

LRM Process/Material Comparison

Metton Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Metton Europe: Düsseldorf, Germany
Sojitz: Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Russia


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