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LMR heavy truck bonding
Heavy Truck Roof Side Fairing Extender Bond Fixture (Bond Gap Stand-Offs are Molded-In)

Typically, mold release is not used in the molding process for Metton LMR and the parts easily release from the mold. However, the freshly molded part has a low surface free energy and no chemical (polar) functionality on the surface to aid in chemical adhesion. The part surface can be readily oxidized to create a functional surface chemistry which provides sites for chemical bonding. The surface of Metton LMR part is sensitive to ultraviolet light where outdoor exposure will cause surface fading or chalking in extended direct sunlight. Painting is recommended for applications requiring an aesthetic surface finish for outdoor use.

Paint Options

Metton LMR Achieves Chemical Bonding with Standard Paints

  • Adhesion is Typically 5B After Initial and Post Humidity Aging
  • Metton LMR has Excellent Gravelometer Results with Consistent 9+ and 10 versus Steel in the 5 to 7 range

Note: Metton LMR available color is black only

Adhesive Bonding

Metton LMR is an Excellent Substrate for Bonding
Lap Shear Data for Two Adhesive Systems are as follows:

  Lap Shear Strength, psi (Failure Mode)
Adhesive 23°C 82°C -30°C
Arathane 8086/5541

796 (SB)

220 (C)

900 (SB)
Hysol EA 9460

840 (SB)

490 (SB)

905 (SB)
ITW more information
Plexus MA420
Plexus MA1021

800 (SB)
800 (SB)

200 (SB)
200 (SB)

900 (SB)
900 (SB)
Ashland Chemical
Pliogrip 8000
Pliogrip 1005c
Pliogrip 1010c
Pliogrip 1035c

886 (SB)
742 (SB)
762 (SB)
738 (SB)

310 (SB)
367 (SB)
385 (SB)
379 (SB)

578 (C)
1017 (SB)
914 (SB)
846 (C)
Scott Bader Inc.
Crestabond M1-04
Crestabond M1-05
Crestabond M7-05

685 (SB)
683 (SB)
709 (SB)

341 (SB)
322 (SB)
406 (SB)

850 (SB)
914 (SB)
888 (SB)
Lord Corp.
Fusor 7525 A/B

740 (C)

266 (C)

695 (SB)

Lap Shear values are high with the primary failure mode being Stock Break (SB).  A few are Cohesive (C), which means glue remains on both pieces of the bonded specimens.
Please request our Metton LMR Post Molding Guide for more detailed guidelines relating to the use of paints, structural adhesives and repair materials.

Metton Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Metton Europe: Düsseldorf, Germany
Sojitz: Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Russia


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